SimCity BuildIt is built for Mobile Users

Are you one of those who were excited with every PC release of the latest SimCity? Do you remember the wonderful feeling of being online with interconnected neighbourhood where you could work and interact with your friends? Then you should also remember the frustration caused by poor Al, connection issues and the helplessness of being unable to enjoy the game offline. Then you can rest assured knowing that SimCity BuildIt is here to save you from your worries.

SimCity BuildIt

If you want to play this game, all you have to do is download the app from the store, free of cost and enter into the city-building game. Entering the game, you will notice there are many similarities between SimCity BuildIt and its other PC game predecessors. Though it cannot be compared to the graphic view of the PC version, it does a pretty good job for a small-screen version. The gameplay still remains the same. You are given a small plot of land which you need to industrialize and urbanise to make it attractive enough for people to live in. The small plot that you are given is most likely where you’ll be spending all your cash on by building larger houses, laying roads and upgrading zones.



At the early stages of the game, you will find yourself hooked to it as you uncover the various in-depth aspects of managing the city. However, as you start expanding and moving, you will notice that your level increases with your experience. The biggest drawback is that everything costs too much Simoleons and earning them is quite tasking. For example, if you unlock a specific service, providing it to your city will have to be your first priority as your city will be unhappy otherwise. However, this will be difficult as you will be short on Simoleons.

SimCash and Simoleons

Though the game is free to play, you can also use an in-game currency called SimCash which can be used to purchase Simoleons. This SimCash in turn needs to be purchased with real-world currency. SimCash can also be earned by accomplishing achievements at the 5th level in City Hall. Unlike the PC version, you will have to actually communicate with the buildings in SimCity BuildIt. The game requires you to build industrial, commercial and residential zones which need building materials such as seeds, plastic, wood, metal etc. Obtaining these material takes time and once you do get them, combining them into the required supplies is even more time consuming.

You can make this process easier with simcity buildit hack and move further along the game. If you are an occasional player and do not mind waiting for the buildings, you will have fun. However if you are not the patient kind of person, you will be frustrated when you do not get the buildings or find yourself working too hard to earn Simoleons. Though many more versions of the SimCity is yet to come, the SimCity BuildIt will still remain the one that is preferred to play on small screen.